Ceramics showroom

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In our salon we offer a large selection of pottery, imported ceramic and porcelain tiles (for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, hallways, staircases, terraces ...), PVC and aluminum profiles, adhesives and leveling surfaces, grout and silicone.

Large choice of sanitary ware, taps and bathroom furniture from classic to modern and elegant lines to their quality and design are sure to find a place in your bathroom.

Domestic manufacturer (shower) (bath) and (hydro) massaging system offers a variety of shapes, dimensions when, various combinations of massage and hydro massage pillars. Quality materials and workmanship, and modern design accompanies the market demands.

We offer quality technical solutions based on years of experience, taking into account the functionality and aesthetics.

In order for our offer to be more complete, we offer the following:

   - Cisterns (low and high-assembly, installation, angular, white, color, ...)
   - boilers
   - Toilet seats (plastic, wood powder, white, color ...)
   - Traps (plastic, chromed, ...)
   - Shower hose (pvc, chrome, different length, ...) and pulls (pvc, chrome, massage, ...)
   - Extension, gaskets, sleeves, connecting pipes for shells, hoses cisterns and boilers ...
   - Toilet brush (plastic, chrome, color, ...)
   - Trash (plastic, chromed, ...)
   - Chairs for bathtubs and shower trays
    - Door tub

Our Assortments

keramika kupaonica materijal
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  • Ceramics
  • Bathroom and equipment
  • Building materials
  • Roof and equipment
  • Facade
  • Garage doors

keramikaPottery comes from the Greek word keramikos, and it marked the clay for pottery items. The origin of the term "ceramic Techne" is also derived from the Greek, meaning kiln. Historically, this means producing cookware, building materials and other products made from clay, obtained by firing at high temperatures - pottery in the traditional sense.

kupaoneDiscover whichbathroom you like the most. Each bathroom is hiding a different design, and color palette that gives you the freedom to design your ideal combination.

gradjevinski-materijalThe concept of building materials are those materials used in construction. According origin are divided into natural and artificial, as part of the simple and complex (eg concrete), the structural properties of the carrier, binder and insulating materials.

krovThe roof is the upper, final part of the building, which protects from atmosphere effects. Architecture is one of the structural elements that fall within the cargo. It consists of roof construction (roofing), which can be made of wood, brick, stone, steel and reinforced concrete, and the cover of the planks, shingles, cane, straw, ceramic or concrete tile, flat stone plates, plastic plates or translucent dome and other. The upper horizontal line of the roof ridge, and the lower canopy.

toploizolacijska fasadaVentilated facade system building exterior wall house is composed of wearable metal substructure on which they agree facade panels, layers of mineral, wool insulation and space for ventilation. All parts have a strict schedule and role within the organization

garazna vrata zagreb350When considering the purchase of the garage door, it usually must meet several criteria:

  •      Doors must be solid, durable, safe and reliable
  •      must be aesthetically acceptable
  •      it would be great to give us comfort in terms of remote opening and closing