The Personal Data Collector (CRNOV-COMMERC-Vendor) collects Customer’s personal information only to the extent necessary for the fulfillment of its obligation to provide information on new products and action products, as well as the delivery of promotional materials, to improve customer relations and to review other information necessary for shopping. The Seller undertakes to protect the Customer’s personal information in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, and undertakes not to disclose personal information to third parties without the consent of the Buyer (except for the information necessary for the delivery of the purchased product).

This does not include cases in which the Seller is obliged to submit or permit access to Customer’s personal information in accordance with a valid order of authorized state bodies, in accordance with the law.

Therefore, in accordance with the GDPR Decree, we hereby inform you that our web site contains the e-mail addresses that will serve as a link for you to contact Crnov-commerce employees. By sending an email to the contact addresses you will keep your e-mail address recorded.

Crnov-commerce allows you to access and communicate personal information (your e-mail addresses) only to those employees who are required to do business activities and who have signed a confidentiality statement.

By doing so, Crnov-commerce d.o.o., as the manager of processing your personal data, guarantees that your email address will not be used for other purposes.

Crnov-commerce has provided adequate technical and security measures to protect personal data against unauthorized access, misuse, loss or destruction.

By inspecting this document I give consent for processing data for the purpose of purchasing and for the purpose of notifying about new products and actions.

Buyer has the right to request the addition, correction or modification of incorrect personal data.

I am rightly aware that I can withdraw this declaration of consent at any time. By withdrawing a statement of consent completely will stop processing my data with the Crnov-commerc data processor. I am also right to know that at any time I can partially retract this statement of consent for the processing of data. The Buyer may at its own request request the deletion of his / her personal data from the Crnov-commerce database by sending an e-mail to the Personal Data Protection Officer: